Eternal Gifts

I am very thankful to God for giving me this opportunity to come and serve him on this year’s AMAA Summer Internship to Armenia. This was a very emotional and unforgettable experience. This trip gave me the opportunity to explore the importance of what it means to be Armenian. I am very thankful to the AMAA for this journey.

The two weeks that I was in Armenia, I was able to visit many of our most ancient churches. I was also able to visit the cemetery in Yerapeloor where many of our young Armenian men were buried after fighting in Karabagh. One of the most moving experiences was the trip to the Armenian Genocide Museum. I was touched because I would not be where I am today if our ancestors didn’t stand up for their faith and their country.

During our trip, we also visited the Avedisyan School and the Shogh Day Center. This was very emotional for me because I got a chance to meet the kids and learn more about their lives’. They told me their hopes and dreams.
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During my trip to Camp Hanqavan, God opened my eyes and gave me the gift of being able to eat and connect with the children and leaders of the camp. On the last night of our stay in Hanqavan, we asked the volunteers at the camp to meet with us and we gave them each a present to encourage them. It was a great blessing for me. We laughed and cried tears of joy.

I was very surprised at the happiness and contentment of the Armenian people we met. Even though they didn’t have a lot, they were satisfied with what God had given them.

These two weeks we’ve been here in Armenia, I have learned a lot and grown closer to God. I have decided to continue passing down the love of our homeland Armenia to the next generation.

Rita Safrian