“Here I am Lord, Send Me.” Isaiah 6:8

I am so grateful that I participated in the 2017 Summer Internship program to Armenia. It profoundly touched me spiritually.

For me, the highlight of our trip was the work we got to do at the AMAA’s Camp in Hanqavan. Although we spiritually prepared for our work there in both study and prayer, what I witnessed and experienced was life-changing.
Our group arrived at this children’s camp on Monday, July 24th, 2017. We were greeted by the most adorable children and the most dedicated servants (leaders) of God. Our group quickly joined in the activities of the camp to help in any way possible. We were all assigned to different age groups so for some time, we as a group were split up to serve in different areas. Some participated in sports with the kids; I and others helped in arts & crafts. However, when our group later gathered to discuss our experiences, we all shared the same opinions: these children, despite their financial limitations, were completely filled with God’s love, joy, peace, kindness and mercy. They graciously appreciated our small efforts. They loved us and welcomed us as their brothers and sisters in Christ. We played games with them, took selfies with them and simply became part of their family. I do not speak the Armenian language well, however during one of their skits, there was no language barrier as I completely comprehended spiritually, the teaching of Jesus’ love for us all. We are all amazed at the kids’ (and staffs’) overwhelming gratitude, appreciation and love. Although we may have been sent to spiritually serve them, they definitely spiritually fed us.

I am grateful for the AMAA and all the leaders who made this Internship possible. It is my plan and prayer to return to Armenia each summer to assist these Armenian Christian camps that teach God’s love for all.

Teresa Daloian-Grain


The Impact of Internship On Me

Going into this internship, I fully expected it to have an impact on me but not nearly to the extent that it has. Since we arrived, we have been visiting all the sites and monuments that make this country so great. Doing so has given me the opportunity to see the various parts of Armenia all while helping me feel more connected to my heritage. While the sights were, obviously, incredible and awe-inspiring, what I was most struck by was the discrepancy among the towns and cities in Armenia. It’s incredible how you can be in a modern, first world city such as Yerevan and then be in a rural village in a mere 15 minute drive.
My favourite experience of the trip was being able to work with the children at Camp Hankavan. While there was a bit of a language barrier between me and them (I don’t speak Armenian; shame on me) they still managed to ask me questions all about America, my thoughts on Armenia, and the differences between the two. Being able to serve them and work with them was a truly humbling experience. Leaving camp was a struggle for many; we had all bonded with our respective campers so much that some even began tearing up as we said our goodbyes.
To say this internship has had an impact on me would be an understatement. As we all pack up our belongings I can’t help reflecting on all that we’ve done. From seeing the monuments of our Motherland’s rich history to working with the children at Camp Hankavan, I truly feel more deeply connected with both my faith and the land from which my family has come. So much so that I plan on beginning to learn Armenian upon returning in hopes of one day returning to do more good for the less fortunate.

Mark Buchakjian